Centrifugal Sieving Machine "TC" Series


The TC series sieving machines are centrifugal force screening machines. Thanks to a set of rotating paddles in its interior generate a centrifugal force that projects the dust particles against a stationary sieve.

The coarse particles move through the inner part of the sieve until they are ejected through the reject hopper, whereas the fine and suitable particles according to the sieve installed are expelled by the central hopper of the machine.

TC sieving machines gives you added value to the quality of your process and to the safety of the final product.

  • Productivity increased
  • Easy cleaning and screen change.
  • Improved product safety and quality
Model Dimension [mm] Working surface [cm2] Motor drive power [KW]
TC-650 1.585x480x765 3.100 1,1
TC-800 1.830x550x1.000 6.600 3
TC-1000 1.945x585x1.190 10.400 4
  • Standard Steels o AISI-304/316
  • ATEX Special desings
  • Special sieving screens

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